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Ask A Lemurian/Atlantian


25 per unit - Virtual OK

Tap into the wisdom of another time/place/space. Ask one question in light of getting an answer from a Lemurian/Atlantian perspective. I usually have interesting information that comes through me from my time in Lemuria and Atlantis. I will do my best to share the message in "human". On the rare occasion I cannot, or for whatever reason the information does not come, I will respect you by "not accepting" our deal. The message could be life-changing....or, at the very least, entertaining. This will be done via Simbi messaging in most cases. Please include your question in your proposal. Bright Blessings ~

Training & Qualifications

I am Lemurian. I am Atlantean. I remember/sense bleed through from other lifetimes/dimensions.

Availability & Preferences

Since it is via message here. You can send your query any time.

Trading Preference: I’m flexible, just hit me up!

Reviews of Tropicalangel

Melvin received unit of Ask A Lemurian/Atlantian from Tropicalangel
Sep 10, 2018
Thank you
Robby Mikiztlazohtli provided session of Spiritual Consultation: Runes for Tropicalangel
May 20, 2019
I try my best to complete deals in a timely manner, but lots of factors delayed my being able to do the Runes Reading as early as I had hoped. I appre...ciate the patience Tropicalangel had for me to complete this deal. Very understanding person. Thank you so much. I hope I can be of service in the future. show more
Trevor provided unit of 3 Rune Reading for Tropicalangel
Apr 05, 2019
She was a pleasure to work with. Very responsive to message and very knowledgeable
Katie received Help with Honest Feedback for Coaching Theme from Tropicalangel
Mar 19, 2019
Thanks for the feedback!
Joey received Help with Testers for online program from Tropicalangel
Mar 18, 2019
Great feedback done fast. Thank you!
Jade received Help with Check out my Etsy store from Tropicalangel
Mar 18, 2019
Quick and thorough details responding to my request. Gave reasonable fixes and noted specific details in need of improvement.
Adam received Help with Tell Me What You Are Grateful For from Tropicalangel
Nov 05, 2018
Tropicalangel gave me a stellar reason to be grateful. We had a good dialogue. Always a pleasant experience.
Rachel provided Help with Accompany Me on My Tropical Quest! for Tropicalangel
Oct 07, 2018
Tropicalangel is a lovely person and I had fun reading her journey
Jay received Help with Be a guest on my podcast from Tropicalangel
Jul 30, 2018
Fabulous to host a podcast episode with Tropicalangel ... it was so insightful to get a glimpse into her adventures and content creation. Thanks for ...helping me out .... Jayshow more
Josh received Help with One-minute survey! from Tropicalangel
Mar 29, 2018
Thanks for helping out with a survey!


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Share My Tropical Adventures!
For years I have been living on very little money - mostly trade. I anticipate expanding this experience via this community. I love helping people and know I can in infinite ways :-)

Share My Tropical Adventures!

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For years I have been living on very little money - mostly trade. I anticipate expanding this experience via this community. I love helping people and know I can in infinite ways :-)
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For years I have been living on very little money - mostly trade. I anticipate expanding this experience via this community. I love helping people and know I can in infinite ways :-)
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Looking for Massage/Nails/Hair
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For years I have been living on very little money - mostly trade. I anticipate expanding this experience via this community. I love helping people and know I can in infinite ways :-)

About Tropicalangel H

Greetings Fellow Earth Travelers! I AM GODDESS.....One With All.....An extremely unusual Being visiting this planet to Love, shine Light and to Play! Some may remember me (& I them) from the Dolphi...n, Fairy, Angelic and Mermaid realms. Others from Lemuria and/or Atlantis. I lovingly welcome our re-connection! On this Earth plane, I play as a Wellness Coach, in the fitness industry since 1982, Spiritual Guide, Claircognizant, and Intuitive Healer. Two of my greatest joys and treasures in this lifetime are my beautiful adult children Natasha and Jeffrey. Since 2009, I have been homeless….or wherever I lay my head is my home. My preference is the latter concept. The zip code I have entered is where I had my last physical house. My gypsy journeys have taken me to Costa Rica, Panama, Ecuador, Mexico, the Bahamas and more. I will do the best I can here with Simbi considering my ever changing location compounded with the lack of internet at times. I'm on a quest..... For a number of years, I have had numerous variations of a recurring dream which began sleeping then became visible while awake. I am either inside, coming from or returning to my sweet home on the beach. I am familiar with the back of the house to one side as that is where I go out and come in from. The door is next to the kitchen and dining area. Right next to it on that side of the house is my shell craft room with its numerous baskets of sorted shells and a display area. From the kitchen sink, I see the clean white quartz crystal beach and endless ocean. The counter extends to my left stopping shortly before the door. There is counter space in the corner to the right of the sink. Facing right from there is the stove and the refrigerator next to that. Past the fridge is the hallway. I know that the room next to the kitchen is my bedroom. I have seen out to the ocean from this room many times. While I have a sense of the place being off the grid, it does have modern conveniences. Luxuriating in a delightful bubble bath in my Jacuzzi tub, I see directly outside to the waves hypnotically hitting the sand. From my bed I also have a clear view. I sense that the whole bedroom/bathroom “wall” can be completely open, screened or closed (for when it rains sideways). Above my bed is a skylight. I take a couple steps down from my porch (both from the back door and from my room) and I am right on a gorgeous white sandy beach that extends for miles. I am aware of the miles as sometimes I run on it and other times I am walking for as far as I desire (not because the beach ended). There is another bedroom next to mine beachside and another across the hall with a bathroom next to that. I have never seen what may be referred to as the “front” of the house – the part facing away from the beach. There is thick tropical foliage all around. I see (and smell) plumeria, hibiscus, ginger, palm trees, ti plants, philodendron, fern, vines and such. If I have any neighbors, they are not very close or obscured by the trees and I have no awareness of them. While I don’t sense how I get there (i.e. passing the front of the house or ?), I sometimes go to a crow’s nest where I look out over the canopy as well as out to the ocean sometimes musing of past times when I searched from a crow’s nest on a ship. I often enter the warm, clear, turquoise waters and have frequent close dolphin encounters. It is on a west facing beach (if it is on this planet) as I see the sun sink into the ocean. The temperature is around 70-90 degrees year round. There are infinitely more details that I could go into. Could this be the result of a very vivid imagination? Could it be me living in a parallel dimension? Or could it be a future I will create somewhere in this world? I have definitely posed all these questions to myself keeping in mind I create my reality or realities depending on how many are being considered. If there is an actual location on this planet that matches my “vision”, I would definitely recognize it if I encountered it in this plane of existence. In this tropical paradise I would love to live and share my gifts. I see myself living naturally and vibrantly in complimentary communion with Gaia. While enjoying the many treasures of my surroundings, I would lovingly create the shell crafts I have envisioned for years. My skills with crystals would be vividly remembered and utilized for the good of humanity. Happily I would host people in a life transforming tropical retreat. Thanks for caring enough to learn about me by reading to this point. I look forward to many enlightened connections here. Have fun and I'll see you around in various amazing dimensions!show more

Open to other proposals
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  • Nailcare
  • Experiences
  • Travel
  • New Age
  • Adventure
  • Massage
  • Wellness